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April 2020

News & Notes – March 2020

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First quarter 2020 was truly remarkable! The stock market hit an all-time high on February 27th only to drop over 30% by March 23rd. The COVID -19 virus began as a humanitarian crisis and then erupted into fears of a major, global economic crisis. This is a perfect example of a black swan – a rare event that no one sees coming leading to unexpected results and panic and fear. Our health, safety and financial well-being are under attack at once. It does not feel right to focus on the economy and the stock market when so many lives have been lost and people are adjusting to very limit interaction with others. But the concern for financial safety is heightened at this time. We move into the second quarter of 2020 with major uncertainty how the virus will play out and if the cancellation of events, closure of businesses and[more…]