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July 2012

Held Hostage By Headlines

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MARY BERSOT CFA — In November, 2011 we wrote: The US stock market is held hostage to the European headlines which are contributing to wild swings in prices and investor uncertainty.  Europe will move in the right direction at some point and the strength in our economy will overshadow these concerns. In the meantime fear of a severe recession in Europe or a falloff in emerging market growth could aggravate the problem.  These valid concerns will cause our market to be volatile well into 2012 and investors will remain on sidelines. If this isn’t enough our deficit reduction debate in the midst of election rhetoric will cause more confusion and volatility in our market. It is interesting that these words are still true today.  Not much has changed.  Investors remain on the sidelines and funds continue to flee US stock funds in favor of low yielding bonds.  This will reverse and when[more…]