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Partners in Building Wealth

Our Services

Our services are tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Clients value the ongoing
interaction with us and our commitment to understanding their needs and objectives. We do not limit
access to our staff and our focus is on client satisfaction.

Planning for Change

We work with tax and estate planning professionals to manage changes and transitions in our clients’ lives. Retirement and college planning, death of a partner or divorce all bring unique challenges that alter the way investments are managed. Regular communications with clients and their other advisors enables the establishment of investment portfolios to meet these changing circumstances and objectives.

Investment Management

Focus on Quality

Client portfolios are structured to provide safety of principal and growth. We invest in high quality established companies with a history of dividend and earnings growth and avoid emerging companies without a proven track record. High quality bonds are favored and only investment grade issues are held in client portfolios.

Risk Management

At Bersot Capital Management we weigh the risk associated with an investment as well as the expected return. Investments that offer above average return potential at a lower level of risk are preferred. Allocating investments to the right mix of assets produces investment returns in keeping with client risk attitudes and expectations. We are disciplined and do not react emotionally to headlines or fads. Excessive trading increases risk.


Bersot Capital stock portfolios are diversified across all sectors of the US economy and international exposure provides regional diversification. We avoid concentrated stock positions and diversify bond portfolios by type, interest rate and maturities.


Capital gains and income taxes are considered when implementing investment changes. We have expertise and experience in tax efficient investment management. We consider major taxable events, such as retirement, sale of real estate or a family business and work with tax advisors to minimize the tax liability.

Clients in high tax brackets benefit from quality municipal bonds and we administer Donor Advised Funds for clients to benefit from charitable giving. IRAs are managed to maximize the tax advantages when investing and required distributions are scheduled and monitored